DIY Gingerbread Man Bunting

DIY Gingerbread Man Bunting

Christmas Day may be over but the festive period is still alive and well here in London. We had a wonderful time seeing our families and returned from our week long road trip yesterday. Now all presents have been given and the recipients of the subject matter of this blog post have received their new friends I can share one of the gifts I made this Christmas- DIY Gingerbread Man Bunting.

Now let it be stated very early on that this was all new to me. I have never made a gingerbread man nor bunting and I’ve certainly never tried to made 4 x gingerbread man/bunting combinations in one go. I watched a YouTube tutorial on how to blanket stitch more times than I’d care to admit and realised you’ve never experience real hate for an inanimate object until you’ve put your finger straight into glue birthed from the inferno of a glue gun. Again. However, now they’re complete I love them all dearly and their little wonky faces (I like to call it “having character”) make me very happy indeed.


It all began with a template that I found online. My friend Curtis (of cottage and cat fame) was kind enough to supply me with some felt and then it was just me, a pencil and some scissors in it for the long run.

IMGP1418 IMGP1410

I stitched until eyes and mouths were of a satisfactory (read- recognisable) level.


Then came the fun part- buttons. All the buttons. All the buttons neatly colour coordinated and then assigned strategically to satisfy my meticulous needs. I ordered a bag of 100 small mixed buttons from eBay for 99p and promptly created a button box to store/look at them longingly in.

IMGP1445 IMGP1443 IMGP1448Once they had been lovingly adorned with buttons and bows that were later purchased from a haberdashery shop in Hastings, they got stitched up and stuffed. No really. An old pillow found lurking in the loft proved to be particularly useful for the latter part of this exercise.

IMG_0204Then out came the trusty glue gun. I bought the candy cane string again from eBay along with these little gingham hearts that I put in between each man.

IMGP1487 IMGP1491 IMGP1493

Et voila! DIY Gingerbread Man Bunting to add Christmas cheer to any home over the holiday season.

IMGP1494 IMGP1496Now to create some all year round varieties…


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