Iceland | The Golden Circle

Driving Iceland’s Golden Circle is one of the most popular ways to spend a day when visiting the country. Not to be confused with the Icelandic Ring Road (that one takes you around the whole country. Not so ideal for a day trip), this unofficial yet incredibly well known tourist route takes in some of best natural wonders within close proximity to Reykjavik. It was our first full day in the country and we couldn’t wait to get going. Here’s how we saw the Golden Circle.

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Iceland | Five Day Road Trip

If there’s a better combination to be found than two people, a hire car and a foreign land to be explored then I’m yet to discover it. With this logic in mind, we set about planning a (long) long overdue adventure to a country that has forever filled not only glossy travel pages and Instagram feeds but also the hearts of those lucky enough to visit. Armed with some newly purchased thermals and a schedule packed full of waterfalls, a couple of weeks ago we embarked on one of my favourite trips to date – a five day road trip in Iceland.


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