Afternoon Tea at sketch

Sometimes you find a part of London that reminds you how glorious it really is. Occasionally there’s an experience you have that’s so delectably English and perfect you remember that despite the downsides (namely the weather and cost of living) Britain is great, actually. Afternoon Tea at sketch provides the best of locations with an experience food based dreams are made of. A very happy way to spend a Birthday indeed.


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London Coffee Festival

I’d be lying if I said I was a coffee aficionado. While I’m not going to confuse the word aficionado for a type of coffee (totally plausible) I will say my knowledge is more that of an enthusiastic amateur than expert. However, always one for attempting to keep up with the cool people of London, I saw the London Coffee Festival was approaching and instigated a visit. Coffee galore and maybe an edible snack or two as well? An ideal London afternoon if ever there was one.


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